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"I felt compelled to write a quick note to you about my new shed. I am very pleased with the shed and with the two young men that delivered and built it on-site. Your men were very courteous and knowledgeable about the products. They took the time to make sure I was happy with the answers to my questions and still finished when they thought they would be. They worked very hard and quickly. I don't see that very often any more in my work, especially with young people. I would recommend your company to anyone who asks for information about your products and services. I have already spoken with several people, and I hope they decide on your company. Again I thank you for your time and patience."
William C., Milford, CT


Enjoy the Weather in Your Backyard Living Room

When looking for the perfect touch of class and comfort to the home or backyard, you might consider our outdoor vinyl or wood gazebos. Simplistic in their construction and beautiful when finished, wood gazebos speak volumes about your style and sensibilities for outdoor living. A perfect retreat from the summer heat, to relax and enjoy an ice-cold lemonade. Outdoor wood gazebos also provide the perfect shelter when listening to the soothing sounds of rainfall. For these reasons and many others, you should snatch up the first opportunity you get when you see a gazebo for sale!

If you're deciding on what gazebo design is best for you, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of material would you like your gazebo to be made from? Wood gazebos keep with the classic style and design of the original gazebo. The benefits to wood are that it can be stained, painted, and refinished as needed. Another viable option would be our vinyl gazebos. Vinyl gazebos bring modern convenience to classic comfort as the vinyl is low maintenance and incredibly durable. Our vinyl gazebos for sale also present a sleek, modern look and feel.

Once you've chosen your material, the next thing to think about is shape and size. Gazebos can run in various sizes, so that is a simple matter of picking the one that fits your lifestyle, and the backyard. Shapes also vary greatly in gazebo designs. There is the simple rectangular shape, which can be convenient for fitting picnic tables and benches more easily. Oval gazebo designs are also a great choice, especially if you install a bench that runs the entire length of each wall. For the true adventurous, consider picking up an octagon gazebo, with eight sides to choose from, you're guaranteed a beautiful view every time.

With material, shape, and size all chosen it's just a simple matter of ordering your new backyard gazebo. There are several gazebo manufacturers that offer pre-made gazebos with delivery. This is a simple and quick option if you're looking for the immediate satisfaction gained from the comfort of your wooden or vinyl gazebos. If you prefer the to savor the moment and enjoy do it yourself projects, you might consider building your own gazebo from a kit. Whatever you decide to do, you will be able to enjoy your gazebo for many years to come. Whether it's sitting with the family and enjoying a cool summer evening or hosting a backyard wedding for a more intimate setting, your gazebo will become your favorite room that's not in the house.

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