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"I wanted to pass on to you and all the folks down there my thanks. You were the best company I have ever dealt with, bar none. From the the beginning to the end at delivery! you did what you said you would do when you said you would do it, very refreshing in today's world. Kudos to EJ, the gentleman you delivered the shed. A truer gentleman I have never met. Courteous and confident with a positive attitude. A true asset to your organization. Best Regards-"
Bruce S., Chester, NJ

At Stoltzfus Structures we're all about customer service. We pride ourselves in meeting our customer's needs as quickly as possible. If you waited to buy a shed and now you can't wait Stoltzfus Structures prime is for you. For only 10% more you can have your shed & pad in 10 business days or you get your Stoltzfus Structures Prime money back plus $150 worth of additional options. Contact us today to learn more about our fast shed delivery.

Guaranteed Delivery in 10 Business Days or your prime money back

Talking about customer service, GUESS WHAT?? With our shed delivery service we can also deliver on Saturdays for additional 10% and it would consist of 2 Saturday's (Does not include built on site)

Note: Customer must be ready for building at time of order

2 Story Garage Prime

If you're in a rush to get your 2 story garage, for an additional 10% you can have your garage in 15 business days or you get your prime money back plus $300 worth of additional options.

Guaranteed Delivery in 15 Business Days or your prime money back

Special Requirements Needed!!

  1. If you're getting permits or you want us to get your permits your 10 days would start after you have the permits in hand.
  2. If you have your shed/garage scheduled for a certain day, it then rains forcing you to cancel and it would run past your 10 days, our money back guarantee wouldn't apply.
  3. For the 2 story garages, if you're going with our concrete foundation ask one of our experts about a rush order on the foundation.

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