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"On Friday August 10th my shed was delivered and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I would like to thank you and the craftsmen that built it for the wonderful job. The young man that delivered it was also very considerate and helpful despite the long trip to my home. Please extend my appreciation to everyone involved. Great work!"
Ed G., Pompton Plains, NJ

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Need some extra space for storage? Always wish you had a place to park your car in the winter? Our detached garage sheds may be a worthwhile investment for you.

Our convenient prefabricated single car garage storage shed designs offer an easy solution to homeowners without breaking the bank. Contractor prices are much more expensive, take longer to build and often offer less space. Our two story prefab garages are very popular with our customers. Some use the area as storage to free up space in their homes. Others save money by no longer using a monthly self-storage company. Don't need space for storage? Use it as a game room, man cave or workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Because our garages are hand-made by the best Amish craftsmen, our long-lasting garages provide more-than-adequate shelter and storage for your vehicles from the outdoor elements. Our 2 car & 1 car garages may also be completely designed and modified to fit your specific needs. There are four typical styles of detached garages, which include the doublewide, 7 pitch roof, the 2 story doublewide garages, and the brand new Mega garage. The Mega garage has two full floors with 8 foot ceilings and a number of customary options. They can even utilize 3 car garage plans for your backyard or driveway. Before you order your prefabricated garage sheds, you can speak with a specialized consultant so that your plans can become a reality.

There are a variety of detached garages for sale that you may choose from when purchasing from us. They typically come with two overhead garage doors, and can include Ridge or Gable vents, larger doors, extra doors, ramps, shutters for the windows, overhead storage lofts, electrical kits, vinyl siding and storage lofts. You can even decide whether you would prefer having wooden floors or concrete floors. We can even work with you to make sure the color and style matches nicely with the style of your home's exterior.

These single car garage storage sheds typically start at only $5,100 and go to $29,000 and beyond depending on size and options chosen. Stoltzfus Structures delivers to anywere in the continental united states. The charge of the delivery depends on the delivery location and the size of structure. The garage sheds can be delivered pre-assembled, or can be constructed on-site by our expert Amish carpenters. Find out more about our garages built on site in our 2 car garage section. Our crew is incredibly hard working and knowledgeable. But don't just take our word for it, check out our testimonials. Our clients always rave about their work ethic and quality labor.

Adding a Single Car Garage to Your Space

No homeowner has ever said I have so much room I don't know what to do with it. Storage space is an issue for everyone, whether it is a homeowner or renter. There never seems to be enough room for the boxes, tools, equipment, bicycles, and decorations, and every year we seem to accumulate more and more. We eventually move all of those tools and boxes into the garage, if we have one, and park our cars outside. Hardly a reasonable solution. So why not consider add a single car garage?

Whether you need parking for your vehicle, an antique car, or storage for your equipment single car garages for sale may be in your future. The versatility and function of the extra space will be a huge benefit to any home owner or renter. The options are endless, as you will see when you look at the single car garages plans. While you can select from a great selection of prefabricated models, it is also wise to take a look at the single car garage floor plans so that you are fully aware of all of your options.

Browse the excellent selection of single car garages for sale in order to get an initial impression of what is available, and then consider customizing your own model. First, consider the single car garage dimensions. If your storage consists of strictly one vehicle, then you will have ample room. If you will want space for tools, equipment and boxes then consider expanding on the single car garages plans.

One option for expansion is a single car garage two story model. You can select from a storage area above the garage area, to a single car garage with apartment. Your options are many, and can be tailored to meet your needs and style. Initial single car garages costs are very reasonable, so adding your new addition is something that can be considered by everyone. Additional charges are incurred with any customized features, such as an upgraded single car garage door cost.

Whether you are renting your home and need garage and storage space, or are a homeowner and have similar needs, a single car garage is a versatile addition to any home. Consider adding space and protecting your belongings with an expertly crafted car shed. The overall cost is minimal when you consider replacing your belongings and damage incurred while in the elements.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you pick out the perfect garage for your individual needs.

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