Sliding Curtains

The outdoor sliding curtains for sale at Stoltzfus Structures provide an attractive look to our outdoor structures not only when they are open but especially when they are closed and are draped from the corners. The pavilion curtains provide a great way for additional shade in the morning or evening sun.

Pull the curtains completely open for shade on the entire side or you can pull the curtains from one side to close off half of the side while leaving the other half open.

Pros and Cons of the Sliding Curtains vs EZ Shade Curtain


  • More cost effective
  • Flexibility to shade the whole side or partial side while keeping rest of the side open.
  • Provides attractive look.


  • Curtains flap in the wind vs EZ Shade is more stable.

Choose one of these fabric designs for your Sliding Curtains!

Canvas Ginkgo
Canvas Granite
Canvas Heather Beige
Canvas Henna
Canvas Jockey Red
Canvas Natural
Canvas Navy
Canvas Regatta
Canvas Air Blue
Canvas Aruba
Canvas Black
Canvas Capri
Canvas True Blue
Cast Coral
Cast Horizon
Cast Lagoon
Cast Sage
Cast Slate
Comfort Clay
Comfort Pebble