6 x 10 Aluminum Coop

6’x10′ Aluminum Framed & Easily Moveable Chicken Coop

Price: $2,995

Features Include:

  • 24” Wide Aluminum Reverse Rollaway Nestbox & Exterior Egg Collection Box
  • 3- 6′ Wide Roosting Bars (To Accommodate up to 30 Chickens)
  • Molded Vinyl Watering System with Aluminum Brackets (Designed for Exterior Watering Access)
  • Molded Vinyl Feeder with Aluminum Brackets (Designed for Exterior Feeding Access)
  • 1” x 1” Galvanized Welded Wire for the Ultimate Predator Resistance
  • Strong & Durable Wheel System for easy Coop Moving
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Roof & Back Half Cover for Protecting your Chickens from the Weather
  • Aluminum Weights on Front tested to withstand Winds up to 75 MPH


2 Fully Assembled Available

1 Kit Available


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