Outdoor Living Structures

If you need a new Pavilion, Pergola, or Gazebo, look no further than Stoltzfus Structures! Our Outdoor Living Structures provide a finishing touch to your outdoor space, and can help you enjoy your backyard rain or shine. We offer many different styles to match your tastes, and for certain structures we build in both Wood and Vinyl. You’ll see models we have in-stock on this page — if you find something you like, we can deliver it to your property in as little as 2-4 weeks. We’ll even install these outdoor patio cover structures for you, so a beautiful backyard is only a click away!

Click on each style to view the prices and features. When you find one you like, you can fill out a form or call us at 610-593-7700 to get started.

#9450 12 x 24 Pool House
#9248 14×16 Traditional Pavilion
#8803 12 x 24 Poolhouse w/ Pergola
#6970 14 x 16 Vinyl Hampton Pavilion
#6796 20 x 24 Timber Frame Pavilion
#6757 12 x 20 Country Style Rectangle Gazebo
#6427 14×16 Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
#6426 14×14 Traditional Vinyl Pergola
#6243 12 x 14 Artisan Cedar Pergola with Canopy
#3991 12 x 16 A-Frame Pavilion
#1973 16 x 12 Cedar Santa Fe Pergola
#1971 14 x 18 Hampton Vinyl Pavilion
#1969 12 x 16 New Traditional Vinyl Pergola
#1960 12 x 14 Artisan Pergola
#1949 10 x 14 Alpine Pavilion