Financing Options

  1. Greensky Financing
  2. Home Loan
  3. Smart Pay Rent-to-Own (Sheds under $25,000)


We are proud to offer Greensky Financing as an easy way to finance your project. This plan is  9.99% for 10 Years.

Greensky is a very simple and quick way to get a non-secured loan based on your credit score. If you are approved you can have instant access to the funds to purchase your structure. Our merchant ID is 81034792 and our Plan Number is 2740 call 866-936-0602 for pre-approval, or  Click Here to Be Approved



 Home Loan works well for larger-size projects $15,000 – $80,000 due to different interest rates and term lengths that suit your needs best. This is a secured loan and may take 1-2 weeks to receive the funds. Contact Eric Schwartz for more info Click Here for Contact Info


Rent To Own

Have you always dreamed of owning a shed but perhaps you have not been able to fulfill that dream because of current economic times? Or perhaps there always seems to be that urgent need that must be taken care of first?

Perhaps you have stored your lawnmower or other equipment under a tarp just hoping for the day when you can have a space of your own…

Stoltzfus Structures offers you financing on Rent-To-Own sheds so that you can fulfill your dreams!

Click here to be approved for rent-to-own


  • For a monthly fee that is very competitive with a storage unit you can rent your shed for 36 months and OWN IT after that! No more driving 5-20 miles with your vehicle to the Storage Unit to get your stuff. Your rent to own storage shed will be right nearby & easily accessible!
  • For some people the idea of buying a shed outright can be impractical. The lowly monthly cost of our sheds for rent will surprise you as you consider the options that are available.