Elite Sheds

Say goodbye to your visions of a humble garden shed with one of our upscale Elite sheds. While this product line of garden wood sheds incorporates all the wonderful features of our standard sheds there are some significant changes in the design that make the Elite shed a standout in the garden shed industry. And come to that, will make a major statement in your backyard.

  • The overall stature of the structure is magnified with a steeper pitched roof than the standard shed line, and not only is it steeper it is also higher.
  • Enjoy the additional light and ventilation that the larger windows provide and naturally to highlight them, shutters to match.
  • Ventilation is further enhanced with gable vents and the Elite shed line also includes extended eaves.

The usefulness of a garden shed to house all your garden tools and equipment and other family ‘stuff’ like pool toys and garden furniture cannot be denied. Once you’ve enjoyed the ownership of a garden shed you’ll never go back to storing your garden tools in the basement or have to worry about the kids hitting your prize vehicle moving their bicycles and toys around the garage.

Everything you need for comfort in your outdoor living, garden care, and property maintenance, will be on hand. An Elite shed makes it easy to keep your backyard tidy while adding a beautiful structure that adds a focal point to the garden.

Take a look at the variety of styles of Elite garden storage sheds for sale in our line up and select just the right one to add the ambience and look you prefer. While the neighbors will be drooling over your ‘instantly’ appearing garden shed, you’ll be able to get to work in peace and quiet and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.