Man Caves

Picture yourself at the end of another long work day, or work week, and the overwhelming need to just check out, and relax for a couple hours. Whether you were in the office for 65 hours or on the floor of the factory for 50 hours, you deserve a break, a chance to unwind, and kick back in your own space. See how you can fully assemble your man cave for your backyard.

Get your Man Cave delivered fully assembled and ready for use!!

Do you need to have a place at his home where he can get away from all the noise, and relax while watching the game? That place where you can have the guys over for a little card game, in your own space without the interruptions that you have become accustomed to.

You need your space… To do what you want… when you want to do it!

What’s stopping you from buying your own backyard man cave?

Is it the Space?

If you are like many of us you bought the house and had plenty of room. You had an extra bedroom or two, the basement was open, and it was more of a problem of what am I going to put in the space. After a few kids, and the a bunch of stuff, here you are with no space to call your own, continually tripping over toys, and fighting for the remote to YOUR TV with a teenager who just woke up at 1:00pm. There is only so much space in any home, and it seems like yours is the first to go, an instant man cave shed is the easy way to get it back.

Is it the Cost?

Maybe you have thought about finishing a basement for your man cave, or building on an addition to free up some space to allow for one. Though that would be wonderful it is often, far too hard on the wallet. The cost to refinish a basement can quickly run you over $15,400, and the idea of adding an addition may be $110 or more per square foot. Yeah it would make a nice room, but is it worth it for the money you would spend. Save yourself some money and purchase an instant man cave for less than $9,900 completely finished, and you can spend some of your extra money on the TV to put in it.

Is it a lack of Talent?

Let’s face it we are not all gifted carpenters capable of carving a pool table from a single block of wood. An important part of enjoying your man cave shed and saving your sanity is understanding your limitations. Sure it’s easy to jump into a project with big ideas and the thought that doing it yourself may save you money, but after a few mistakes, and constant changes pretty soon your DIY project turns into a drain on your pocket, and is not what you had in mind when you started. Save your trouble and your pride, and let Stoltzfus Structures supply you with instant man caves that fit your needs.

Is it the Time?

Time is very precious, and yours should be spent watching the game, not spending the next 6 months building a place to watch the game. Even if you are by chance the crafty type, do you really want to spend countless hours of your free time building a man cave shed that you should be relaxing in? Most of the time you take on the side jobs at home they take way longer than you thought they would, and in some cases they never get finished (and I’m sure by now you’ve heard about it a time or two…). Why not let Stoltzfus Structures build you an instant man cave that will be delivered ready to use in about 2-3 weeks.

Call us today, at (610) 593-7700 and talk to one of our experts about having your man cave shed built to fit your needs.

The deluxe model is instant, and requires no work on your part. The building is completely finished and ready to use upon delivery, with all the luxuries you need to truly enjoy the time you will spend in your man cave. Interior is completely finished, and your man cave is fully insulated. The extent of your work will be choosing the TV to hang on the wall, and finding a fridge to put under your bar.

  • Insulated Floor
  • Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring
  • Insulation in floor walls and ceiling ready for year round use
  • Secure 36′ Fiberglass House door w/ Arch Glass
  • 3- Insulated 24 x 36 Windows with Shutters
  • Miratec Trim Around Exterior and Wood Corners
  • Ridge Vent and Vented Soffits
  • Tongue and Groove Pine Interior with Clearcoat Finish
  • Custom Bar with footrest
  • Collapsible table
  • Built in trophy stand
  • Electric wiring run including:
    • 100 Amp Breaker Box
    • 4-Outlets
    • Ceiling Fan with Light
    • Outside Door Light
    • 2-Switches

Just like a she shed, your backyard man cave will be delivered by truck and trailer. The driver will back in to your site and with our specially designed trailer he will slide the building off into place. The driver will be in and out of your site in less than an hour, and you will be ready to kick back and enjoy. You should have some stone put down for your site, roughly 4-6″ deep, and 1′ wider than the shed all the way around. We have some site prep guys in our local area, and would be more than willing to help you locate someone where you are.

If you are like most of us you have often thought about what you would do with you own man cave, the memorabilia that would go in it, the TV, your trophies. The problem is that for many of us cost, space, talent, time, and have been the killer obstacles in you’re making the dream a reality. With our instant wooden man cave designs, plans & man cave ideas those obstacles are no longer a problem! You could be only weeks away from your backyard oasis. You’ve put in the long work weeks, and now it is time to do a little something for yourself and get the man cave you have often thought about, you can let someone else pick out the colors.

Deluxe Man Cave Pricing

Prices shown are meant to be a guide and don’t include delivery or custom features. Once you find your size, click “Get A Quote” and fill out the form to submit your ideas to a project manager, who will reach out to you with a full quote!

SizeWoodVinyl & LP Board & BattenHardie Plank & Pine B&B
10 x 14 $           10,850 $        11,995 $           12,760
10 x 16 $           11,605 $        12,845 $           13,670
10 x 18 $           12,410 $        13,760 $           14,660
10 x 20 $           13,295 $        14,745 $           15,715
10 x 22 $           14,095 $        15,655 $           16,695
10 x 24 $           14,880 $        16,545 $           17,655
12 x 16 $           12,670 $        14,040 $           14,955
12 x 18 $           13,575 $        15,060 $           16,050
12 x 20 $           14,575 $        16,175 $           17,245
12 x 22 $           15,475 $        17,195 $           18,340
12 x 24 $           16,375 $        18,210 $           19,430
14 x 18 $           15,720 $        17,640 $           18,920
14 x 20 $           16,545 $        18,535 $           19,860
14 x 22 $           17,915 $        20,110 $           21,570
14 x 24 $           18,850 $        21,140 $           22,670
14 x 28 $           20,955 $        23,520 $           25,230
14 x 32 $           23,055 $        25,895 $           27,790
14 x 36 $           25,150 $        28,260 $           30,335
14 x 40 $           27,255 $        30,640 $           32,895

Man Cave Options

Wood Doors
Double Wood Doors $250
Double Colonial Wood Door $350
Double Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows $400
Double Colonial Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows $500
Carriage Wood Doors $595
Single Wood Door $150
Single Arched Wood Door $250
Slab Doors
Single Fiberglass Slab Door $175
Slab Door 4-Lite Glass $245
Slab Door 6-Lite Glass $245
Slab Door 9-Lite Glass $245
Slab Door 11-Lite Glass $245
Slab Door 15-Lite Glass $295
Double Fiberglass Slab Doors $350
House Doors
Solid House Door $375
House Door 9-Lite $445
House Door 11-Lite $445
House Door 15-Lite $520
Double Solid House Doors $650
Double House Doors 9-Lite $790
Double House Doors 11-Lite $790
Double House Doors 15-Lite $940
Door Hinges
Garden Hinge Single $8
Double $15
Standard Hinge Single $6
Double $12
Strap Hinge Single $18
Double $35
Door Handles
Standard Garage Door Latch
Garden Shed Latch
Horse Shoe Latch
Standard Latch
Additional Door Options
12″ Wider Doors$40
24″ Wider Doors$60
Higher Doors7′$50
6′ Pine Carriage Doors w/ Glass$575
Extra Dutch Door36″






Upgrade Double Dutch Door$350
Extra Double Dutch Door$600
Upgrade to 8′ x 7′ Double Doors$100
Extra 8′ x 7′ Double Doors$350
Add 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors$400
Upgrade to 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors$100
Add 36″ Single Arched Wood Door$200
Add 36″ Single Arched Wood Door to Dormer$50
Upgrade to Colonial Wood Door$50/door
Add Transom Windows to Wood Door$75/door
Add Arched Transom Windows to Wood Door$125/door
Swap regular door for slab door$25/door
Add glass to Fiberglass slab door$70/door
Vinyl Siding Upgrade to Fiberglass DoorN/C
Paint Fiberglass Doors$35 per door
Carriage Window $225
Add Transom Window above standard window  $75
46″ x 46″ Insulated Window $390
3′ x 6′ Concession Stand Window w/ Vinyl Shelf (insulated) $550
Octagon Window (does not open) $75
Row of Transom Window in Gable $120
Additional 18″ x 27″ Window  $70
Upgrade 18″ x 27″ to 24″ x 27″ playhouse$20
Additional 24″ x 27″ Window$90
Upgrade to 24″ x 36″ Window$40
Additional 24″ x 36″ Window$110
Wood Carriage Style Window$225
Upgrade to 24″ x 36″ Insulated Window$145
Upgrade to 30″ x 36″ Insulated Window$175
Credit for No Octagon (Dormer only)$40
Skylight (25″ x 49″)$750
Pair of Shutters$35
Pair of Shutters for 36″ Windows$45
Flower Box$35
Louvered Shutters $35
Raised Panel Shutters $35
Z-Style Shutters $35
Flower Boxes
Wood Flower Box $35
Vinyl Flower Box $35
Floors (Price per sq./ft.)
Pressure Treated Joists & Plywood$2.25
Pressure Treated Joists Only$1.00
Double Bubble Insulated Floor$1.00
R-13 Fiberglass Insulation$2.00
Double Plywood$1.50
No ShinglesLess 4%
Hip RoofAdd $795
Dormer PackageAdd $595
Metal Roof
$550 more per transom/cape cod dormers
$950 more per 2-story shed dormers/house dormers
Add $3.75
Rain Gutters & Downspouts
Standard Gutters & Downspouts$7 per linear foot
Leaf Guards$3 per foot
Special Order Colors (not white, hunter, or khaki)Additional $2 per linear foot
Classic Vinyl Series
Copper StraightCopper Concave
Window Series – Vinyl
Copper StraightCopper Concave
Wood Series
Straight AluminumCopper StraightCopper Concave
Vinyl Shed Series
Straight AluminumCopper StraightCopper Concave
Wood Shed Series
Straight Aluminum
Classic Wood Series
StraightStanding Seam
Window Series – Wood
StraightStanding Seam
Black Weathervane $75
548P Country Doctor $390
667P Flag $315
623P Horse $285
9628P Banner $315
955P Flying Eagle $375
9613P Duck $390
909P Sailboat $375
9642P Victorian Arrow $315
9557 Moose  $375
Painted Weathervane $100
Ramps – Extend 3′
4′ Ramp$90
5′ Ramp$100
6′ Ramp$110
8′ Ramp$140
9′ Ramp$160
Quart of Paint$10.00
Gallon of Paint$30.00
Anchor Kit$80.00
Anchor Kit – Installed$160.00
Gutter and Downspouts$7 per ft
Leaf Guard for Gutters$3 per ft
Chicken Coop Package$375
Vinyl Stone Veneer $15 / sq. ft. short spans
$13 / sq. ft. short spans
Brick Veneer $15 / sq. ft. short spans
$13 / sq. ft. short spans
Outdoor Light $125
Designer Overhang Bracing $95
Trellis Overhang $325
Outdoor Outlet $125
Breaker Box $100
Garage Door Opener $450
No PaintLess $.75 per sq.ft.
10′ Walls – MUST BE BUILT ON SITEAdd 20%
Partitions – To Top Plate$20/ ft.
Partitions – To Ceiling$25/ ft.
Partitions – To Ceiling$20/ ft.
Loft – per sq/ft 4′$3.00
Shelf – per linear ft.16″$5.00
Workbench – per linear ft. 24″$7.00
Standard Wood Gable Vent $30 ea.
Ridge Vent$7 per ft
Arch Gable Vents$40 ea.
Vented Soffit$6 per ft
Vinyl Garden Vent $40
Standard Vinyl Vent $30

Paint / Shingle Colors for Man Caves

Paint Colors

Belmont Blue
Chestnut Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Gray
Hunter Green
Barn Red
Pequea Green
Ronks Gray

Vinyl Colors

Antique Ivory
Classic Linen
Slate Gray
Heritage Gray
Slate Blue

LP Smartside Stain Colors

Golden Wheat
Charcoal Stain
Natural Cedar
Natural Redwood
Natural Teak
Chestnut Brown

Aluminum Trim Colors

Barn Red
Charcoal Gray
Heritage Gray
Hunter Green
Ocean Blue
Royal Brown

Metal Roofing Colors

Bright White
Polar White
Light Stone
Ash Gray
Pewter Gray
Burnished Slate
Rural Red
Bright Red
Ivy Green
Copper Metallic
Gallery Blue
Ocean Blue
Rural Red (Textured)
Burgundy (Textured)
Evergreen (Textured)
Burnished Slate (Textured)
Charcoal (Textured)
Black (Textured)

Shingle Colors

Dual Black
Earthtone Cedar
Dual Brown
Weather Wood
Dual Gray
Charcoal Gray
National Blue
Vintage Green

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    *If we can not bring your building in modular and need to build on site there will be an additional charge.