About Us
Who are you?

We are an Amish & Mennonite family owned manufacturing company that builds sheds and garages along with many other items.

May I come visit your location?

We would love to have you stop by and look at our shop and meet you. We have approx. 75-150 buildings on our display lot. Our location is 5075 Lower Valley Rd Atglen PA 19310

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, you do not, we are open Monday – Friday 7 – 4:30 and Saturday 9-1. However if you would like to come after hours or weekends you are free to browse through our extensive display that is open 24/7.

Why should I buy from Stoltzfus Structures?

We strive to provide a raving fan experience, check our google reviews to see what our customers are saying about us. We are a manufacture so the sheds and garages get built right here and get delivered straight to you, no middle man. We also offer site prep and can pull permits for you depending on your location. We do this to try to make it an easy and enjoyable purchase for you.

Can I customize my building?

Yes, we can customize the layout, paint colors, siding colors along with many other options.

Are your prices fixed?

Yes, since we are the manufacture we don’t have the middle man markup. Check out our clearance sale page where we have in stock sheds that may have discounts on them.

Can I finance my building?

Yes you can, ask us about our financing options.

Is Rent to Own a good option?

That depends on your situation. If you are looking to use RTO for financing you do end up paying quite a bit more if you go the full 36 month term but if you are already paying for a storage unit and the shed could replace the storage unit then RTO is a great option.

Why are you guys cheaper than a local shed lot?

Lancaster County is the shed capitol of the East Coast. We are the manufacture and deal directly with the homeowner. Your local dealer is most likely getting the sheds from Lancaster County and then putting a “middle man” markup on the building.

Order Process
How do I order?

Once you have talked to us and decided on the right size and style we can provide you with an estimate. When you are ready to place the order you can call us or come to our office and place a deposit.

Can I choose door and window location?

Yes, your building is built to your order so you can customize layout, colors, and many other things.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If the building is not built we will refund your deposit less 3% if your deposit was paid by credit card. If you paid by check or cash we can refund the entire balance. If we were given the go ahead and built the building and then it got cancelled there is a 25% restocking fee.

Popular Options
Can you do custom paint colors?

Yes, for additional $100 on sheds and $150 per custom paint color on double wide garages we can do a custom paint match. We use Sherwin Williams paint so you can either mail in a chip and we can match that or you can provide us with any major company’s paint code and we can match it.

Can you do custom vinyl and shingles?

Yes, if you want to match the siding and shingles on your house you can provide us with the make and model of it and we can match it for an additional cost

Should I get a ramp?

A Ramp is a popular option if you are looking to drive your lawn mower or cars into your building or if you don’t want to step up into your building.

Should I get vents?

Vents are a great option if you are looking to get additional air flow in your building to keep it cooler. Also if you are storing gas or things that use gas, vents are a great option.

Should I get Site Prep?

Site preps is definitely one of the most popular options. We have site guys that put in stone or concrete foundations and we can take care of that whole process. We recommend a stone or concrete foundation for your building.

Do I need a permit?

We recommend that you check with your local township, while we do not require a permit on our end a lot of townships do require permits.

Can you take care of getting the permits permits?

Depending on where you are located we can take care of pulling permits for an additional fee. Other areas where we don’t pull permits we can assist you with filling out the paperwork.

If I pull the permits do you provide drawings?

Yes we can provide drawings. For garage drawings there is a $500 deposit required. When the building is purchased the $500 goes towards the building cost.

Can you get engineered drawings?

Yes, if your town does not accept our standard in house drawings we work with outside engineering companies to get engineered drawings. The engineered drawings are an additional cost and are non refundable.

Can you do 3D drawings?

Yes we have the ability to provide 3d drawings for your project. Also check out our 3D design center and our virtual tours on our website

Site Prep
What do I need for site prep?

On sheds we recommend making a stone pad 1’ bigger than your shed the whole way around. We typically put down a P.T 4×4 perimeter, lay down weed barrier and then use 4’’ – 6’’ of 3/4’’ crushed stone. For larger garages with no floor you want to put down a 4’’ concrete slab with footers.

Can you take care of site prep?

Yes we can include that as part of the shed purchase and coordinate it with our site guys.

Can I use concrete blocks?

We do not recommend setting sheds on concrete blocks due to settling. If you use concrete blocks it voids the warranty of the building

Can you get rid of my old shed?

Yes, if you provide pictures and it is safe to haul it away we can give you an estimate for us to remove it. If the shed is in bad condition we can also have a crew come out and demo it onsite.

How far do you travel?

We are located in Atglen Pennsylvania but we do work all over the East Coast, going from ME to GA

How much room do I need to get my building in?

Typically you will need an opening 2’ – 3’ wider than the building, Example. If you have a 14’ wide shed you should have a 16’ – 17’ wide opening.

I have a 3’ or 6’ wide gate what should I do?

We can either build the building onsite for an additional cost or you can have the fence taken down prior to delivery

Do you take down fences?

Unfortunately we don’t take down fences, it is your responsibility to take down the fence prior to delivery. If we arrive onsite and do not have access there is an additional charge.

When does my building get delivered?

Our deliveries happen from Monday- Friday. Our dispatcher will normally give you a 3-4 hour time frame of approx arrival and then the delivery driver will normally call ½ hr before arrival.

Can I have Saturday delivery?

We normally don’t deliver on Saturday but depending where you are located we may be able to accommodate your request for an additional fee.

Does the truck need to go into my yard?

No, our delivery drivers have small forklifts on the truck called the “Mule”. 2 sets of flotation wheels go on 1 side of the building and then the mule goes on the other side and can pull the shed right into place.

Will my yard be damaged?

The mule is very good at not causing yard damage, you will have tire marks pressing down the grass and if it is muddy you may have small tracks in your yard. If you are concerned we do offer rubber mats that eliminates any damage, the rubber mat option can be used for an additional charge.

How long will the driver be at my house?

Normally we figure less than 1 hour for a shed delivery, if it is a double wide garage it may take the driver 1-2 hours.

Will you anchor the building?

On sheds we have anchor kits that you can purchase and we will take care of installation. On larger garages with concrete pads you can follow our drawings on where to install anchors in the concrete.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 5 Year top to Bottom warranty on our standard sheds and single car garages. On our garden sheds, mancaves, pool houses and 2 story buildings we offer a 10 Year Warranty. Our warranties only apply on materials that we provided, any materials provided by customer are not covered by our warranty.

Can I upgrade my warranty?

Yes you can upgrade from a 5 year to a 10 year warranty on any building for $99

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

How much can I put on a credit card?

We take a max of $10,000 on a credit card. If you want to pay additional on a card there is a 3% merchant fee

Can I pay with personal check?

Yes, you do not need a certified or cashier’s check.

How much of a deposit do you need?

30K and Smaller
Shed Payment Terms:
50% deposit required at time of order.
Deposits can be charged to Visa/Mastercard/Discover with a max credit card charge of $10,000.
Balance due by Check or Cash upon delivery of the structure and paid to the delivery driver.

30K and Larger
30% deposit required at time of order, 40% once permit is approved and prior to concrete being poured, 30% at the time of completion.
Payment can be sent in via personal or certified check. We can also take a max payment of $10,000 w/ Visa/Mastercard/Discover.
Balance due by Check or Cash upon completion of the structure and paid to set up crew.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Yes we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin