Single Car Garages

Many of us have cars, bikes, or boats that we love but can’t seem to store in a safe spot. Maybe your garage is already full, or maybe you don’t have a prefab garage on your property yet. Whether you need your first garage, or simply more space, our single-car garage options could be perfect for you.

We have a few different styles in our single-car garage line, including the A-Frame, Hywall and Garden style garage sheds. On top of this, we offer countless custom options and materials to make sure that your garage project is perfect for YOU.

Everything from floor to roof — and windows to doors — is customizable for your convenience. We also build two-story garages for maximum usage of the space on your property. This model is perfect for customers who want to add a workshop to their garage with minimal space on their property, or customers who simply need even more room for storage!

Check out our 3D Garage Builder to try out different styles, sizes and options. When finished, you can submit your design to our project management team and we will get back to you with a quote. As always, feel free to reach out to talk to a project manager about your garage ideas.