Star Gazer Sheds

Do you love observing the stars and moon? Ever considered turning that passion into a hobby? Our Sky Sheds are our backyard observatories that have become increasingly popular with both astronomers and photographers alike.

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Sizes Vinyl
8 x 8  $    18,070
8 x 10  $    20,245
8 x 12  $  22,440
8 x 14  $  24,625
10 x 10  $  24,055
10 x 12  $  27,105
10 x 14  $  30,650
12 x 12  $  30,925
12 x 14  $  32,735

Star Gazer Shed Options

Wood Doors
Double Wood Doors $300
Double Colonial Wood Door  $450
Double Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows  $450
Double Colonial Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows  $600
Carriage Wood Doors  $595
Single Wood Door  $175
Single Arched Wood Door  $325
Slab Doors
Single Fiberglass Slab Door  $200
Slab Door 4-Lite Glass  $270
Slab Door 6-Lite Glass  $270
Slab Door 9-Lite Glass  $270
Slab Door 11-Lite Glass  $270
Slab Door 15-Lite Glass  $345
Double Fiberglass Slab Doors  $400
House Doors
Solid House Door  $400
House Door 9-Lite  $470
House Door 11-Lite  $470
House Door 15-Lite  $545
Double Solid House Doors  $740
Double House Doors 9-Lite  $880
Double House Doors 11-Lite  $880
Double House Doors 15-Lite  $1,030
Door Hinges
Garden Hinge Single $8
Double $15
Standard Hinge Single $6
Double $12
Strap Hinge Single $18
Double $35
Door Handles
Standard Garage Door Latch
Garden Shed Latch
Horse Shoe Latch
Standard Latch
Additional Door Options
12″ Wider Doors $40
24″ Wider Doors $60
Higher Doors 7′ $125
6′ Pine Carriage Doors w/ Glass $575
Extra Dutch Door 36″






Upgrade Double Dutch Door $550
Extra Double Dutch Door $800
Upgrade to 8′ x 7′ Double Doors $200
Extra 8′ x 7′ Double Doors $475
Add 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors $495
Upgrade to 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors $200
Add 36″ Single Arched Wood Door $325
Upgrade to Colonial Wood Door $75/door
Add Transom Windows to Wood Door $75/door
Add glass to Fiberglass slab door $70/door
Vinyl Siding Upgrade to Fiberglass Door N/C
Paint Fiberglass Doors $35 per door
Carriage Window  $225
Add Transom Window above standard window   $75
46″ x 46″ Insulated Window  $390
3′ x 6′ Concession Stand Window w/ Vinyl Shelf (insulated)  $550
Octagon Window (does not open)  $100
Row of Transom Window in Gable $120
Additional 18″ x 27″ Window   $80
Additional 24″ x 27″ Window $100
Additional 24″ x 36″ Window $120
Wood Carriage Style Window $225
Upgrade to 24″ x 36″ Insulated Window $195
Upgrade to 30″ x 36″ Insulated Window $225
Octagon $100
Credit for No Octagon (Dormer only) $50
Skylight (25″ x 49″) $850
Pair of Shutters $40
Flower Box $35
Louvered Shutters $40
Raised Panel Shutters $40
Z-Style Shutters $40
Flower Boxes
Wood Flower Box $35
Vinyl Flower Box $35
Floors (Price per sq./ft.)
Treated Joists & Plywood $2.25
Treated Joists Only $1.00
Double Bubble Insulated Floor $1.00
R-13 Fiberglass Insulation $2.00
Double Plywood $1.50
No Shingles Less 4%
Hip Roof Add $795
Dormer Package Add $595
Metal Roof
$550 more per transom/cape cod dormers
$950 more per 2-story shed dormers/house dormers
Add $3.75
Rain Gutters & Downspouts
Standard Gutters & Downspouts $7 per linear foot
Leaf Guards $3 per foot
Special Order Colors (not white, hunter, or khaki) Additional $2 per linear foot
Wood Shed Series
Black Metal Roof (Aluminum)
18″ $210
Vinyl Shed Series
Black Metal Roof (Aluminum)
18″ $275
Classic Series – Wood
Copper (Concave)
20″ $450
24″ $550
Classic Series – Vinyl
Copper (Concave)
20″ $500
24″ $600
Window Series – Wood
Copper (Concave)
20″ $550
24″ $600
Window Series – Vinyl
Copper (Concave)
20″ $600
24″ $650
Black Weathervane $125
548P Country Doctor $390
667P Flag $315
623P Horse $285
9628P Banner $315
955P Flying Eagle $375
9613P Duck $390
909P Sailboat $375
9642P Victorian Arrow $315
9557 Moose  $375
Painted Weathervane $100
Ramps – Extend 3′
4′ Ramp $100
5′ Ramp $110
6′ Ramp $120
8′ Ramp $160
9′ Ramp $180
Quart of Paint $10.00
Gallon of Paint $30.00
Anchor Kit $80.00
Anchor Kit – Installed $160.00
Gutter and Downspouts $7 per ft
Leaf Guard for Gutters $3 per ft
Chicken Coop Package $550
Vinyl Stone Veneer $15 / sq. ft. short spans
$13 / sq. ft. short spans
Brick Veneer $15 / sq. ft. short spans
$13 / sq. ft. short spans
Outdoor Light $125
Designer Overhang Bracing $95
Trellis Overhang $325
Outdoor Outlet $125
Breaker Box $100
Garage Door Opener $450
No Paint Less $.75 per sq.ft.
10′ Walls – MUST BE BUILT ON SITE Add 20%
Partitions – To Top Plate $20/ ft.
Partitions – To Ceiling $25/ ft.
Partitions – To Ceiling $20/ ft.
Loft – per sq/ft 4′ $3.00
Shelf – per linear ft. 16″ $5.00
Workbench – per linear ft. 24″ $7.00
Standard Wood Gable Vent $30 ea.
Ridge Vent $7 per ft
Arch Gable Vents $45 ea.
Vented Soffit $6 per ft
Vinyl Garden Vent $45
Standard Vinyl Vent $30
No LP Smartside Less 4%
No Paint Less 4%
8' Walls
May Need To Be Built On Site Depending on Style
Add 10%
10' Walls
Must Be Built On Site
Add 20%
Partitions - To Top Plate
Add 40 % for Build On-Site
$20 per ft
Partitions - To Ceiling
Add 40 % for Build On-Site
$25 per ft
Miscellaneous Upgrades
Vinyl Stone Veneer $15 per sq/ft short spans
Brick Veneer $15 per sq/ft short spans

Star Gazer Shed Features

  • 4 X 4 Pressure Treated Foundation Runners
  • 2 X 4 Floor joist with 5/8” Smart Finish Wood Flooring
  • 7′ Walls
  • Cedar Creek Vinyl Siding ½” Wood Sheating
  • 2 – 18” X 27” Sliding Windows w/ Screens
  • Insulated House Door (Solid)
  • 2 X 4 Rafters 16” OC
  • 5-Pitch Roof
  • 2 X 4 Rafters 16” OC
  • 5-Pitch Roof
  • 2 X 4 Laths on Roof 24” OC
  • Double Bubble R-9 Insulation in Roof under Metal
  • 40 Yr Galvalume Metal Roofing
  • Exterior Deck with Vinyl Decking (Deck is Half the Length of Skyshed)
    • (Example Deck Size:: 12×14 Shed has 12×7 Deck Area)
    • Warm Room Built in Deck Area  (Includes 1 Insulated 24” x 27” window)
    • Warm Room is insulated and finished w/ beaded plywood
  •  Pressure Treated 6×6 Posts on Deck
  • Galvanized Rail with LVL Headers
  • Galvanized Rollers on Track for Roof to Slide
  • 1/2 Commercial Horse Garage Door Motor with Sprocket drive to Open Roof (Includes 1- Remote)
  • Basic Electric Package Including:
    • 70 AMP Breaker Box
    • 2 – Lights
    • 2 – Switches
    • 2 – Receptacles

We have always said sky sheds are great for storing recreational belongings or for a workstation on your latest hobby project, so why not enjoy a custom home observatory shed specifically for those amateur astronomers to take stargazing to the next level.

Having a backyard observatory allows for comfortable and convenient year-round use. Before there were many options on the market, many hobbyists used shed-kits to create their own backyard observatories. Of course this was time consuming and inconvenient, but it did allow them to keep their telescopes and other equipment setup permanently. Our home observatory eliminates wasting time to take equipment out of storage for set up!

Some photographers who shoot high-resolution pictures of the sky, especially at night, use our backyard observatory sky sheds. However, photographers who only want more storage space are more likely to use one of our other storage sheds.

We now offer a much better solution to a DIY setup for your backyard observatory. We started by using a plan for one of our most popular sheds and added a convenient roll off roof. We also included helpful features such as electrical outlets. Our roll-off observatory shed is a great choice for all stargazing enthusiasts. Instead of having to lift off the roof of an observatory, these roofs can be rolled to one side and easily moved back afterword to protect the equipment. In addition, because they look similar to traditional sheds, our sky sheds still look nice sitting in your yard.

Size options go to a 12 X 14 backyard observatory shed. Check out the sky shed choices below for further options and pricing details. We’ll work with you to create a custom observatory shed for your individual requests.

Because of all the moving parts that require some ongoing maintenance, the sky sheds come with a standard 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

If you are looking for a great site to buy Astronomy equipment please visit:

Paint / Shingle Colors for Star Gazer Sheds

Paint Colors

Belmont Blue
Mission Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Gray
Hunter Green
Navy Blue
Barn Red
Pequea Green
Ronks Gray

Vinyl Colors

Antique Ivory
Classic Linen
Slate Gray
Heritage Gray
Slate Blue

Aluminum Trim Colors

Barn Red
Charcoal Gray
Heritage Gray
Hunter Green
Ocean Blue
Royal Brown

LP Smartside Stain Colors

Golden Wheat
Charcoal Stain
Natural Cedar
Natural Redwood
Natural Teak
Chestnut Brown

Shingle Colors

Dual Black
Earthtone Cedar
Dual Brown
Weather Wood
Dual Gray
Charcoal Gray
Atlantic Blue
Emerald Green
Monaco Red

Ribbed Metal Roofing Colors

Bright White
Polar White
Light Stone
Ash Gray
Pewter Gray
Burnished Slate
Rural Red
Bright Red
Ivy Green
Copper Metallic
Gallery Blue
Ocean Blue
Rural Red (Textured)
Burgundy (Textured)
Evergreen (Textured)
Burnished Slate (Textured)
Charcoal (Textured)
Black (Textured)

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Colors

Burnished Slate
Rural Red
Gallery Blue
Rural Red (Textured)
Burgundy (Textured)
Evergreen (Textured)
Burnished Slate (Textured)
Black (Textured)
Charcoal (Textured)
Brown (Textured)


Blonde Ale

Gray Ash

Aged Hickory

Black Sands

Cali floors logo


Another Smartside Example

Burned Interior

Pine Tongue & Groove

White Washed Pine Tongue & Groove

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