EZ Shade Canopy

Consider adding this EZShade Canopy System to your new or existing pergola. This manually controlled canopy glides effortlessly to shade the entire area. You will find yourself using your patio more often when you can block out that hot mid-day sun, or mild rain. Bring this EZShade Canopy System to your backyard oasis!

Alpine Post Skirt 
Alpine Cedar Lumber 
Large Cupola 
Electrical Package 
No LP Smartside Less 4%
No Paint Less 4%
8' Walls
May Need To Be Built On Site Depending on Style
Add 10%
10' Walls
Must Be Built On Site
Add 20%
Partitions - To Top Plate
Add 40 % for Build On-Site
$20 per ft
Partitions - To Ceiling
Add 40 % for Build On-Site
$25 per ft
Miscellaneous Upgrades
Vinyl Stone Veneer $15 per sq/ft short spans
Brick Veneer $15 per sq/ft short spans

EZShade Canopy for Pergola Specifications

  • Manual, one-handed operation
  • Full coverage from the mid-day sun
  • Durable, easy-to-clean fabric that’s mildew- and stain-resistant

The EZShade retractable canopy is made with stainless steel fasteners, aluminum beams, and features long-lasting Sunbrella fabric. Fabric for your pergola canopy is available in several standard colors and patterns to accent your outdoor decor. Other fabric designs are available for an additional charge.

How It Works

Our EZShade outdoor canopy is installed using our easy-glide triple track system to shade the entire area. Your pergola canopy will glide effortlessly across the track into position, providing perfect shade and protection from light rain too!

Want to enjoy the stars in the evening? No problem. Just retract your pergola shade canopy until you need it again.

Featuring Sunbrella Fabrics

Our EZShade pergola canopies are made with designer awning fabric from Sunbrella. This fabric is engineered to withstand the rain, wind, and UV rays in your backyard. These awnings are resistant to mildew, fading, and stains, and are easy to clean and maintain. Every canopy comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Size Ranges

  • Our EZShade Canopies for pergolas are available from 8’ – 16’ wide and 8’ – 24’ long.
  • Available to fit custom sizes and your existing pergola.

Choose one of these fabric designs for your EZ Shade Canopy!

Black Forest Fancy
Heather Beige Classic
Burgundy, Black & White
East Ridge Cocoa
Grey, Black & White
Navy Taupe Fancy
Westfield Mushroom
Charcoal Tweed
Dubonnett Tweed
Royal Blue Tweed
Hemlock Tweed
Linen Tweed