We realize it can be overwhelming to choose from our vast selection of structures. Modular and site garages, A-frame and carriage style sheds, mega builds and the iconic timber frame designs are all offered with a variety of features from overhangs, porches to transom windows and much more.

Not surprisingly, not all of us are creative types with interior design talents that can envision the many pretty, practical and functional ways to best develop a shed studio, home office, private retreat, garage space, backyard gym or family playroom. It can be hard to imagine color combinations in their garden setting or what features offer what functionality when it comes to daily use or whether a combo design could work best to satisfy the needs of everyone in the family.

When you purchase a new garage or shed structure from Stoltzfus, you know you can expect a durable, high quality Amish build that will provide much needed space and transform your backyard. But there’s always room for inspiration.

We invite you to discover a wealth of new ideas for the creative design of your next garage or shed/studio project with this inside look at fabulous, featured projects from our host of clients. Our generous customers are sharing their experiences and own property development

Here you can browse our extensive array of various structures, and view color choices, siding and sizing options, roof styles and desirable designs to inspire your own unique take on what you need and what you want. Our clients have each added their own delightful décor and ideas that will help spark your own imagination, enabling you to bring home what is just right for you and your family.

Enjoy! And as always we are here to answer any questions that pop up. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We assure you a quick response, and there are no bad questions. So don’t be shy.