In Stock Sheds

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a shed. With a wide assortment of in stock sheds, we are virtually guaranteed to have the perfect choice for your home or business. Our in stock sheds feature multiple styles, sizes and uses. Whether you are looking for a storage shed, a dog kennel, a home gym or multiple other uses, we have the prefab shed you need.

#7768 12 x 24 Refurbished Hywall Garage
#7761 Log Bed
#7757 10 x 16 Refurbished Quaker
#7753 8 x 10 Refurbished Mini Barn
#7745 10 x 16 Garden Transom Dormer
#7731 16 x 20 Traditional Wood Pavilion
#7734 8 x 10 USED Mini Barn
#7669 8 x 12 Dutch Playhouse
#7666 8 x 12 A-Frame Playhouse
#7646 10 x 10 Refurbished A-Frame Shed
#7642 10 x 16 Standard Dormer Shed
#7621 12 x 14 Dutch Wood Gazebo
#7613 24 x 28 2-Story Gambrel Garage
#7610 24 x 28′ Vinyl 2-Story Carriage Style Garage
#7605 14 x 16 Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
#7584 14 x 32 Cabin Retreat
#7579 12 x 20 Garden Quaker Shed
#7394 12 x 16 Traditional Pavilion
#7192 20 x 22 Custom Gym Shed
#6970 14 x 16 Vinyl Hampton Pavilion
#6796 20 x 24 Timber Frame Pavilion
#6757 12 x 20 Country Style Rectangle Gazebo
#6661 5 x 5 Tree House
#6487 Mountain Climber Swing Set
#6458 24 x 28 2-Story Carriage Garage
#6427 14×16 Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
#6426 14×14 Traditional Vinyl Pergola
#6424 4×6 Dining Table with 6- Adirondack Dining Chairs
#6422 14×16 Vista Pergola
#6421 12′ Vinyl Country Octagon Gazebo
#6419 4 x 4 Poly Table with 4 Adirondack Dining Chairs
#6418 3×6 Picnic Table
#6416 Bar Stool
#6412 54″ Round Dining Table with 4 – Adirondack Dining Chairs
#6394 2- Folding Adirondack Chairs w/ Coffee table
#6392 English Garden Benches
#6384 12 x 16 Garden A-Frame Elite Garage
#6377 10 x 20 Manor Elite Shed
#6243 12 x 14 Artisan Cedar Pergola with Canopy
#6129 14 x 14 Traditional Wood Pavilion
#5396 2-Can Trashcan Shed
#5341 6×6 Turkey Blind (The Big Tom)
#4341 4 x 4 Poly Table with 4 English Dining Chairs
#4333 42″ Round Poly Table
#4307 24×28 5-Pitch Garage
#4258 12×16 Grand Manor Pool House
#4232 12 x 16 Rectangle Wood Gazebo
#3991 12 x 16 A-Frame Pavilion
#2534 6 x 6 (The Double Barrel)
#2531 6′ Octagon (The Condo)
#2414 15’8″ x 32 Single Wide Mega Garage
#2025 24 x 28 2-Story Gambrel Garage
#2021 24 x 28 7 Pitch Garage
#1973 16 x 12 Cedar Santa Fe Pergola
#1971 14 x 18 Hampton Vinyl Pavilion
#1969 12 x 16 New Traditional Vinyl Pergola
#1962 12 x 14 Kingston Pergola Kit
#1960 12 x 14 Artisan Pergola
#1930 12 x 16 Poolside Oasis

Storage Sheds

Our outdoor storage sheds range in size from a petite 4 x 6 lean-to to a robust 12 x 26 A-frame and everything in between. You can choose a prefabricated shed that is brand new or you can look for a refurbished shed if you want to save a few dollars. Take a look at the storage sheds we have in stock, and then contact us for a direct quote. Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you to make sure the one you have chosen is the best fit for your needs. We can also talk to you about customizing sheds, delivery and any other questions you may have.

Outdoor Retreats and Pool Houses

Storage sheds are not the only prefab sheds we have in stock. We also offer sheds that are used as outdoor retreats. These sheds are popular for music practice, art studios, playhouses, pool houses and home gyms. Many of these sheds offer insulated walls, insulated windows and comfortable flooring. Some, like the 12 x 20 Garden Elite Shed, include an electrical package with lights and amp outlets.

Dog Kennels

Our customers love our sheds that are created specifically with pets and livestock in mind. Our dog kennels provide ample indoor and outdoor space for dogs, no matter their size. We can offer chew-proof aluminum, insulated walls and glass floor board. Some even come standard with an electrical package for outdoor lighting. These kennels can be used at animal shelters, boarding facilities, veterinary offices or private homes.


Our prefab sheds don’t stop there. We also offer garage sheds in a variety of sizes and styles. Our 10 x 20 garage shed can be used for storage, but because it is outfitted with a garage door, you can also keep your vehicles safe from the elements by driving your motorcycle, your lawn tractor or even car directly into the shed. We also offer two-car garages and garage sheds with extra features like outside overhangs and second floor storage. Sheds like our 24 x 28 2-story Mega Garage offer a full second floor with an eight foot ceiling, outdoor terrace and optional electrical package.

Outdoor Living Structures and Furniture

Along with sheds, we have in stock living structures. These include pergolas, pavilions and even a screen-in gazebo. When you order your outdoor living structure, make sure to look at our stock of outdoor furniture. We have high quality garden benches, rocking chairs, arbors, dining sets and adirondocks.

When you order a shed from Stoltzfus Structures, you know you are getting high quality materials at the best possible prices. Not only will we deliver the shed for you, but we can also set it up in the area of your choosing. Let us manage the set-up so all you have to do is enjoy your new shed. Contact us today by phone, email or through our online form to learn more about our in stock sheds.