24×28 5-Pitch Garage


Color …… Red

Trim….. White/ Black Shutters

Roof Color….….Black

PRICE: $30,915

 (Plus tax and delivery)

Quality Features:

Built to customer’s concrete pad

Pressure Treated Bottom Plate with Insulator

2×4 wall studs 16”OC

8’ Sidewalls

3- Attic Trusses w/ Flooring & Pull Down Stairs for Display

1/2” Painted Smart side Wood Siding

2- 9×7 Steel Garage Doors:

36” House Door w/ 9- Lite glass

(4)- 24”X36” Windows with Shutters

Ridge Vent and Vented Soffit

5-Pitch Pre-engineered Roof Trusses 24”OC

Hurricane Straps Securing Trusses to Wall

1/2 ‘’ Wood Sheeting

15 Lbs Tar Paper

30 yr Architectural shingles

Epoxy Flooring with Color Flakes ($3,190)

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