Doors Options

Click below images to enlarge, please note that we do not ship doors separately.


Wood Doors
Double Wood Doors
Double Colonial Wood Door
Double Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows
Double Colonial Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows
Carriage Wood Doors
Single Wood Door
Single Arched Wood Door
Slab Doors
Single Fiberglass Slab Door
Slab Door 4-Lite Glass (transom)
Slab Door 6-Lite Glass
Slab Door 9-Lite Glass
Slab Door 11-Lite Glass
Slab Door 15-Lite Glass
Double Fiberglass Slab Doors
House Doors
Solid House Door
House Door 9-Lite
House Door 11-Lite
House Door 15-Lite
Double Solid House Doors
Double House Doors 9-Lite
Double House Doors 11-Lite
Double House Doors 15-Lite
Garage Doors
Solid Garage Door
Add Basic Glass to overhead door
$230 Upgrade
Carriage Garage Door
$350 Upgrade
Sunburst Garage Door
$280 Upgrade
Door Hinges
Standard Hinge
$8 - 15
Garden Hinge
$6 - 12
Strap Hinge
$18 - 35
Door Handles
Standard Garage Door Latch
Garden Shed Latch
Carriage Garage Door Latch
Standard Latch