Denali Timber Frame

The Denali Pavilion embodies both charm and strength. Its striking exposed post and beams and the distinctive hammerbeam split-truss design radiate a majestic aura. Whether enhancing your backyard or business, the hammerbeam ensures lasting elegance and fulfillment.

The Denali Timber Frame Outdoor Pavilion features a beautifully crafted hammerbeam roof system that complements any setting.

Standard Features of Denali Timber Frame Pavilion


12’x12′ to 36’x80′

Eave Overhang


Gable Overhang


Timber Framed Pavilion Options

Timber Framed Pavilions

Our Timber Framed Pavilions embody the elegance of authentic timber framing. With meticulously notched beams and mortise and tenon connections, these pavilions make a stunning addition to your property. Timber Framing showcases the graceful beauty of the lumber, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship required for assembling a true timber-framed structure. The strength and character exude from the natural wood used for the posts and headers.

The Denali features a beautifully rounded crossbeam on the gable ends, complemented by metal strapping that enhances the timber-framed structure.

Reach out to us today for a quotation on these exquisite timber frame pavilions, and let us collaborate on transforming your backyard into a truly unique outdoor space.


Stain Color

Mahogany Flame
Jarrah Brown

Shingle Colors

Biscayne Blue
Pewter Gray
Patriot Red
Oyster Gray
Hunter Green
Fox Hollow Gray
Mission Brown
Weather Wood