benefits of detached she shed

The Benefits of Having a Detached She Shed

Imagine a secluded oasis right on your own property that is meant for you and only you. A space that is free from kids’ clutter, free from your spouse’s blaring television, and a peaceful space for you to relax. It’s the She Shed, and it’s become a wildly popular solution for women who want a unique, tranquil space to call their own.

These are spaces that are designed to be private and give women (or men) a destination to be by themselves and do whatever they want. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

There are so many different ways to add space to your home for a She Shed, one of the best ways to make certain this is a real escape is to have a detached She Shed that is a structure all on its own.

Here’s what every woman considering her own She Shed should consider.

What is a She Shed?

While a She Shed can literally be anything the owner wants it to be, most people describe these household sanctuaries as the feminine version of the “man cave.” These “sheds” can be an outdoor space for rest, relaxation, entertainment, or anything the woman in charge of this space wants it to be. Most importantly, it’s a space where no one can disturb the woman whose space it is.

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Here are a few of the many ways that women are utilizing their She Shed space:

  • Art studios
  • Reading lounges
  • Hobby spaces
  • Home offices
  • Writing retreats
  • Crafting area
  • Tranquil relaxation and meditation rooms
  • Entertaining spaces
  • TV and sports lounges
  • Home bars

The opportunities and design ideas are virtually endless when it comes to creating a She Shed on your property, but many are finding the key to a successful oasis is making a space that is completely detached from your existing home.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Detached She Shed?

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and build the She Shed of your dreams to finally have the private oasis you’ve always dreamed of. However, one of the biggest decisions that many women face when it comes to planning out their She Shed is whether or not they should repurpose an existing room in their home into a She Shed or build out a detached She Shed for on their property.

With an attached room in the home, you run the risk of having your She Shed getting taken over by other members of your family. We’ve all been there before, you have a dedicated space in the home, such as an office, only to find it becomes a catch-all room, your spouse’s workout space, or your kids’ play area.

This is because your personal space is just a door away from the rest of the chaos in the house. Not to mention, it can be hard to want to lay back and relax when you’re a mere few inches away from all of the hustle and bustle of your household.

benefits of she shed

This is also why having a detached She Shed is often the preferred solution for women who really want to be able to relax and get away from it all. The right detached structure can have all of the benefits of the home including heating, AC, decorative features, and all of the durable materials that you would expect from your own home. You can even make sure that your She Shed has its own porch or designated outdoor area.

With a completely separate, and detached structure, you get that much-needed separation from the home that likely encouraged you to build the She Shed in the first place. It will also help prevent that unnecessary overflow from your home from impacting your personal area. Your She Shed can truly stay your space. There is something about being able to leave your home, enter your private space and close the door behind you, even if your journey to your new space is only a few feet in length.

In the early days of the She Shed, families would literally convert old garden sheds into this type of dedicated space—but the She Sheds of today can be so much more and complete prefab structures that are designed with this unique purpose in mind. They’re meant for people, not just for plants, and they can help you bring all of the comforts of home into a brand-new structure.

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All you need to do is to select the right structure for this special space.

How to Choose the Right Structure for Your Detached She Shed

As you start shopping for the right She-Shed, you want to make sure that you purchase a quality product that is meant to be a functional living space. Your She Shed doesn’t really have to be… a shed. It should, however, be a quality-made structure meant for living purposes.

As you start to design your dream She Shed, it’s important to start with a design focal point or purpose of the shed, so you can pick a structure that will work for you.

Is this a place to work?

An art studio?

A Zen retreat meant only for relaxation?

A hangout space with friends?

No matter what the end goal of the She Shed is, it’s important to keep its overall purpose in mind when shopping for and outfitting the right structure.

Here are some of the features you should look for when shopping for a quality, reliable She Shed.

  • Real flooring options such as vinyl.
  • Customizable designs to help you achieve your desired look.
  • Capacity to add heating and cooling.
  • Interior electrical wiring.
  • Exterior features such as window boxes and shutters.
  • Ability to add ramps for better accessibility.
  • Insulation to help with temperature regulation.
  • Fully finished exteriors that will complement any property.

You can find all of these features and more here at Stoltzfus Structures. Choosing the right building can make all the difference when it comes to creating the She Shed of your dreams. If you want to have a space that is meant not just for living but for relaxing, you want something more than a repurposed garden shed.

Our company knows that your She Shed is a serious space that requires care and attention, which is why we proudly offer a line of outdoor retreat structures specifically designed with She Sheds in mind. Plus, choosing one of these pre-fabricated structures instead of going through the zoning and permitting needed to build your own structure from scratch, is a more economical way to get the She Shed of your dreams.

Learn More About Our She Sheds – Get Pricing HERE

Our structures range in size from our compact 10’ x 12’ structures to our largest structure, a 14’ x 40’ Amish-built shed that can truly become a sprawling retreat you will love spending time in. No matter what your primary goal for this space is, there are structures available that are sure to meet your unique needs.

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These structures are not only completely customizable but built to the highest quality standards, meaning this She Shed will be your personal oasis for years and years to come. Then, all you need to do is to start decorating.

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