Why a Dedicated Golf Shed is the Key to Improving Your Game

Golf is a challenging and rewarding sport. But like any other skill, it can be improved through dedication and practice. And one of the most significant barriers to improvement is often the lack of a dedicated golf shed. If you’ve been considering installing a dedicated golf shed but just aren’t sure yet, we’re here to help! Here are the things you need to know, plus a few tips for getting started preparing for your new practice space.

The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Golf Shed

A dedicated golf shed can provide many benefits for your game. Here are just a few:

It Provides a Place to Store Your Golf Gear – A dedicated golf shed can be a great place to store all of your golf gear. This includes everything from your clubs to the balls you use on the course. Having a place to store all of your equipment will make it easier to get ready for your next round.

It Provides a Place to Practice Your Game – A dedicated golf shed can be a great place to practice your game. This means that you can spend more time playing the game of golf and less time trying to find space to store your gear. Practice makes perfect, after all!

It Provides Privacy When You’re Playing – If you’re someone who likes to play in private, a dedicated golf shed can be a great place to do so. Customers love to use these sheds because they provide a place where you can store all of your gear and improve your golf game without worrying about being seen by other people.

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How to Choose the Right Golf Shed for You

When choosing the right golf shed for you, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are a few tips to help you along:

  1. Size – One of the most important factors when choosing a golf shed is size. You want to make sure that the shed is big enough to store all of your gear but not so big that it becomes an inconvenience or a nuisance to use.
  2. Location – Another critical factor when choosing a golf shed is location. You want to make sure that the shed is located where it’s easy for you to access. Many golfers opt to install the shed up against their homes to prevent having to walk in bad weather, while others like having it further away on their property to have more privacy when playing.
  3. Cost – Another essential factor to consider when choosing a golf shed is cost. You want to make sure that the price of the shed is affordable so that you can afford to install it without feeling like you’ve gone over your budget.
  4. Functionality – You want to make sure that the shed is designed to allow you to store your equipment without having to worry about it getting damaged. This includes things like storage space and weather protection.


How to Prepare Your Home for a New Golf Shed

You will need to do a few things to prepare your home for a new golf shed.

  1. Decide on the size and location of the shed. We can help you with this; just contact us to see what options would work for your situation.
  2. Ensure you can run electrical to the shed. You’ll need to have a dedicated line run to the shed for lighting, heat/AC and any golf simulators. Some of our customers opt for solar panels, so they don’t need to worry about this, but solar capabilities may not be an option if your shed will be in a shady area.
  3. Install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet in the shed. This will prevent any accidents from happening due to faulty wiring.
  4. Mark out the shed location on your property and get permits if necessary.
  5. Clear any trees or other obstructions from around the perimeter of the shed area.
  6. Level and compact any soil that may have been disturbed by construction work in the area around the shed. Read more about site prep HERE.
  7. Get your golf equipment ready and celebrate!


What to Keep in Your Golf Shed

When choosing what to keep in your golf shed, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you along:

Golf gear – One of the most critical items you should keep in your golf shed is your golf gear, of course! This includes everything from clubs to balls to tees.

Accessories – Having a shed gives you the ability to store everything golf-related in one space, including accessories like rain gear and umbrellas.

Projector and screens – Having a dedicated setup installed will make it that much easier to practice your game. You will no longer worry about setting up and breaking down your simulator equipment since it’ll all be ready and waiting in your ready-to-go shed.

Refreshments – Consider adding some cupboards, counter tops and/or a mini fridge or small microwave.  Having some light snacks or a cold drink conveniently available is always a good idea.


Final Thoughts

A dedicated golf shed can be a great asset for improving your golf game, and providing a place to store your gear, practice areas, and privacy when playing can make all the difference between a good and a great golfer. Check out our current line of sheds or contact us to build a custom shed just for you.

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