Garages Built on Site

We all need more space to put cars, toys, tools, and everything else that needs a home. It seems no matter how much space we have to store things we always seem to fill it. Stoltzfus Structures builds a solution for the problem and offers built on site 2 car garage kits that combine the best of all the options. By building sheds on site, you are able to customize your new garage to fit exactly what you need and maximize your space. From 2 car garage kits to custom buildings designed to hold 8 cars, we can make you a pre-built garage that works. Our garages are pre-built on site, which allows us to offer you a completely open first floor for vehicles, the 2nd floor with lots of storage space, and all the custom options you can think of.

Fully customizable, our garages are built on site. Design your garage to fit your exact needs, from 2 car garage kits to large, 8 car structures, we can build what you need. Add windows, custom garage doors, dormers, overhangs, finished interiors, and more to man caves and single story structures.

How much should a 2 car garage Cost?

Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to offer our 2 car garage kits quite a bit less in cost that you will find from many of your local contractors, and dealers. We are able to do this by using our years of experience and expertise to complete many parts of the building in the controlled environment of our shop before it is delivered. This allows us to save on costly delays that result from bad weather and occasionally waiting for materials to arrive. We also buy all of our materials for pre-built garages by the truckload, allowing us to get materials at a much lower rate than a contractor, also saving you money.

With so many custom options, sizes and features it is hard to have a square footage number so we typically price out each building differently. Feel free to visit the different garage pages to see prices or give our friendly staff a call and we will be able to give you a custom quote.



Call us today, at (610) 595-4724 and ask our knowledgeable sales staff to give you a quote on our 2 car garage kits that meet your needs.

How much Space do I need?

We can’t tell you exactly what you need, but we have heard many times I wish I would have made it bigger, but I don’t ever recall hearing that my garage is too big. Here are some basic guidelines that will help give you an idea of how big you should make your garage.

  • 24’x 24′ – Recommended minimum size for a 2 car garage
  • 24’x 32′ – Two car garage with a small workshop area in back
  • 24’x 36′ – Recommended minimum garage kit size for 3 car garage

Choose Your Basic Building Style

We Build our car garage kits with two different roof styles A-Frame, and Gambrel. Each has its own benefits, and it ultimately comes down to your preference, and what style is right for you.

Gambrel v. A-Frame

Available Sizes 20×20 to 40×48 20×20 to 40×49
Cost $$$ a little more expensive $$ more cost-effective
Space Offers Maximum Upstairs Headroom Same first floor space, but less headroom in 2nd floor

Here’s How the Process Works?

  • Call us and explain your needs, and what do you want to use your garage for.
  • We will draw up your two car garage kit in our computer system and send you a computer engineered drawing as well as an itemized quote. Ask about a second option.
  • You look over everything and make sure it is exactly how you want it.
  • Place your deposit (usually 50% down), and we will give you an estimated time for the building to be completed
  • We schedule delivery, and bring the two car garage kit out and build it on your prepared site.
  • You pay the balance due.
  • You move in all your stuff and start using it.