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Is it time to shed traditional ideas of garden structures and take advantage of the modern-day studio shed?

If you’re a Netflix watcher then trending garden shows such as Monty Don’s “Big Dreams Small Spaces” and Alan Titchmarsh’s “Love our Garden” have probably popped up on your radar. You don’t have to be an avid gardener to enjoy the added value of time spent outside the confines of the house in your daily lifestyle. These gardening shows set in highly populated England, center around making the most of whatever private space is available for the homeowner to enjoy. Most designs described in these shows encounter the addition of a garden shed or similar structure as a focal point outside of the house, where the garden can be properly appreciated.

Maximal enjoyment for minimal investment is a key element in re-designing your property to capitalize on all it can offer and a garden shed or summerhouse is a low impact building solution for your environment, a permit friendly structure option to enhance your day-to-day living and one that is easily affordable versus the alternate solutions of adding on to the house.

The traditional garden shed studio or summerhouse has evolved over time and while countries like Japan have long used outside structures as teahouses, other countries are reinventing its use. The Netherlands and much of the European continent embraces all sorts of outdoor space ideas that entitle the occupants to enjoy a commune with Mother Earth through natural light, solar power and rainwater catchment. Eco-friendly outdoor storage sheds made of sustainable forest natural wood products, long lasting sealants or stains that require minimal maintenance and large windows shed traditional ideas of just what a studio shed can offer.

Outdoor office shed ideas are limited only by your own imagination. For example, a dual office space and guest space can quickly be created by placing two shed next to each other and bridging the space between them with a portico. Sheds can extend vertically to add space and vertical gardening can add a pleasing appeal to the exterior view.

Indeed current trends towards a simpler lifestyle are well documented in this millennial age. The modern day shed or studio shed space offers many stylish delights to please the discerning purchaser who seeks to embellish their property with a low maintenance structure both inside and out. The additional space offers a valuable retreat, a spot to enjoy some harmony with nature and knock back a hard seltzer or soft drink cocktail with partners, friends and family.

The convenience of the quick and easy transport and set up of a prefab studio shed provides an instant usable space that our ‘want it now’ Amazon inclined society demands. The provision of modern materials such as polyurea easy clean floors, porches and patio additions and insulated walls and ceilings can make the studio shed useful for enjoyment for three seasons or even year around.

Today the ‘must have’ family addition in the younger adult populace often circles canine ownership over starting a family, so floors sealed that allow for quick clean up keeping the space hygienic and a shade worthy spot to sit with the dog at play is high on the ‘want’ list of new homeowners.

Don’t Be Deterred By Price

You do get what you pay for and good quality craftsmanship and materials is not going to come cheap. As larger shed manufacturers offer such a large array of customization options in everything from type and color of roofing materials, to roof styles, window options, door design and siding there is truly something to fit every budget. Don’t forget to ask about financing options.

Skylights Add Highlights

If you live in a wet and dreary climate the addition of skylights can greatly enhance your experience sitting inside the structure with tree top vistas and reflections of the changing light. For sculptors and artists seeking as much natural light as possible if they wish to use the studio as just that, skylights can add valuable effect and improve the availability of natural light during many different types of weather patterns.

Insulation Works All Year Around

The addition of insulation works two ways, it keeps hot air in and hot air out. Comfortable temperatures are less expensive to obtain when you can balance the heat within the building as much as possible. Ask about availability of roughed in electrics (perfect if you decide to add a TV or need to charge that smartphone you don’t want to answer), solar panels, and insulation options. You can always add an AC/Power source outside the structure later.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

The shape of a structure should fit its purpose. So a large rectangular design may be the best for a formal dining table, but a more casual use such as a private retreat may be better served with a split space of finished interior and porch design.

Balance in Design

Avoid bright colors or those that don’t fit the color wheel with existing structures. Resale of your property may be negatively impacted by say a bright school bus yellow shed that might look lovely adorned with sunflowers reaching up against their walls in summer but will look out of place come winter. This doesn’t mean embrace bland colors, it just means try and make it fit in to some degree. Unless of course your house in bright orange in that case go for it!

Many folks have a traditional house perhaps older in architectural design and yearn for a modern structural apparition to appear in the garden where they can harness their inner chic. That’s OK. There are many ways to tie modern in with antique, and in fact designs that offer a unique style can be an attractive relief both visually and in their use.

Going Up Is Cheaper Than Going Out

When you work with a manufacturing company that is experienced in all sorts of structures you can customize your outdoor structure to embrace any need. For example, if you want a loft space above the studio it can easily be added. Going up is generally considered cheaper than going out, due to site preparation costs, site availability restraints and in house building the cost of footers or basement excavation and construction.

Be Neighbor Friendly

Don’t be THAT neighbor. The one that plonks a huge structure right up against the boundary fence in a ghastly color with windows that overlook the neighbor’s yard and deplete their private space. Remember there will be a noise element when you are using your outdoor structure so its placement should account for not being an annoying auditory addition to your neighbors’ lives.

In conclusion the best way to make a smart purchase is to seek a company that can and is proven to provide a great shopping experience. That experience should include quality craftsmanship and materials with good warranties and up front ‘to the penny pricing’ and financing if you need it. Check out our prefab sheds for sale to choose the best model for your needs.

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