Dormer Sheds

The addition of a dormer delight to your shed structure provides a pleasing architectural aesthetic to the design. You’ll likely be viewing your storage shed from the garden or house, and the dormer offers a great accent to make it a picture-perfect structure.

Not only does a dormer add more height and sophistication to the style of the shed, but it also makes the inside feel light and airy. This is perfect solution for saving money on the need for electric lights and makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly when you use the storage shed.

With 4 different dormer styles from which to choose, you’ll be sure to find the best design and shed dormer plan to complement your home. Don’t know which style of transom to select?

  • Standard Dormer adds height and presence to the entrance of the shed.
  • Cape Cod Dormer to bring a nautical feel to the face of the structure.
  • Standard transom to give the building the appearance of more width.
  • Garden Transom Dormer offers maximum benefits of the structure appearing wider and more grounded in its surroundings as well as offering a super light and airy appeal.