Style Matters in Your Backyard Planning Project

When you think about project plans for your property it is wise to think not just about the how you are going to layout the design but also what style and feel you want the space to provide. If you lack confidence in choosing the right options, and let’s face it, there are many, following a traditional path can be a safe choice especially if your home is an older building or one without an ultra-modern architecture.

When you think about your property it is smart to think about how to blend adjunct buildings to your home that will add to the eye appeal of your home or farm and also provide a truly useful function.

One of the most popular designs is that of the carriage house. The tradition and history of the carriage house can be incorporated into any outside structure, from a garden shed or outdoor living studio or a garage, or even a kennel.

The prestigious nature of the larger traditional carriage houses, where the buildings housed a carriage for every occasion has been reborn as shops and businesses, guest homes and even primary residences.

Carriage houses for small, city houses could be small, utilitarian, and only adequate to house one small carriage. However, carriage houses for large estates could be quite elaborate and large enough to house many carriages and horse tack. They could even include basic living quarters for the staff that managed the horses and carriages. Horses were occasionally stabled in the carriage house but usually lived in a separate barn.

The traditional design of the carriage barn, that utilized multiple pillars that required negotiation when parking the carriage vehicles of the day, can easily be replaced by a truss system that facilitates an open and airy space that provides more storage and purpose without limits of access. In building any structure, however traditional it may look from the outside, it can be modified safely to provide a more useful space for your needs.

Of course our horse and carriage days have been transported to cars and SUVs days and these also benefit from shelter from the elements. Who likes to get up an extra half hour early to brush snow off the car before work? We spend a lot of money on our vehicles and keeping them safe, secure and away from rain and resulting rust issues etc. is a good investment.

At the 43 year old company, Stoltzfus Structures, based in Atglen, P.A., there are a variety of styles of sheds and garages to choose from. Their experience is second to almost none in this space, and the company has a stellar reputation for delivering a high quality Amish built product and working with the purchaser to make the process from start to finish a true pleasure. Jonathan Zook, partner at Stoltzfus Structures, has this to say about the carriage house design:

“The carriage house designs are very popular as traditionalists love to incorporate a little bit of history into their properties. With the huge choice we offer in the architectural design of the structures, the highest quality lumber and materials, the on time factory production time and the ease of delivery and set up with our experienced crew, there really is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of having your car or equipment parked out of the weather. Snow, rain and hot sun are all damaging to vehicles and equipment. When you add to that the added benefit of additional space for living or additional materials storage you are going to truly enjoy the structure. The added value that a garage brings to your property also gives you a better curbside appeal if you sell up and move. Many people won’t be interested in a home without a garage. For homeowner that seeks more living space, a studio shed is a great solution. With a choice of colors, lots of low maintenance options, our sheds are not the sheds of yesteryear.

We have something to fit every budget too. So don’t be shy to give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch with lots of knowledge to share and are always happy to help you figure out what suits your own individual needs.”

Many use the upstairs space in a garage as a guest space which doubles up the usefulness of the structure and makes perfect sense for visiting grandparents or distant relatives and friends that would like to stay with you more than 2/3 days but who you don’t want to ‘hotel’ at your home. The garden shed that provides a small porch or sitting area or a studio shed that provides a guest space is a smart addition to your property planning project.

You can pick your siding and roof materials and color to blend or match your existing house and customize the features from shutters, door shapes and sizes and pretty much everything you desire can be customized and then be delivered right to your property. No fuss. No mess. No need to deal with the noise of construction, the delays due to the vagaries of weather, the stress of construction crews on your property and possible inadvertent damage to existing infrastructure. When you choose a prefabricated Stoltzfus Structure, it is a swift, and easily affordable option to house anything from your newly purchased lawn mower or snow thrower to your sparkling new car.

Stoltzfus Structures realizes that making your garage or shed a reality often involves a close look at finances. To aid you in obtaining your structure now rather than later, Stoltzfus Structures provides a quick and simple application process for financing if you have a need. The competitive rates and easy process means you don’t need to wait until the snow has settled and your car is plowed in, to have your garage on site and ready to use.

The carriage house has as much use today as it did in days gone by. Adding a carriage house to your property is still a smart choice. The use has evolved but it still serves a great purpose ~ protection of your assets and the creation of space for not just storage but living accommodations and outdoor living space.

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Don’t be shy to give one of our friendly team a call.

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