7 Shed Storage Ideas for an Organized Space

If you brought us to your shed with you right now, what would we find there? A lot of people overlook how important this tiny space actually is. Tools, shovels, lawnmowers… they probably sit abandoned and unorganized in your shed too. But, if you put a little effort into organizing, you’ll have a brand new little Work Kingdom and efficient storage all at once! So, here are some useful shed storage ideas for an organized space you could use.

1. Start with a Rake and Gardening Organizer

Yard tools such as rakes, shovels, hoes, and pitchforks are difficult to arrange. This is why it is so simple to let them grow into a large pile on the floor. So, make use of the wall space in your garden shed by constructing a homemade organizer to store your tools and keep them out of the way.

To begin, carve divots into pieces of wood planks so that each tool has a place to go when it is stored. When you place your gardening tools against the wall, this step will stop any shovels, rakes, or other implements from falling to the ground. You can attach the wood to the wall by using screws. If you are concerned about losing any of your tools, you may want to name each location using a marker and some duct tape. This will help you keep track of everything.

2. Add Open Shelving

When you only have a little amount of room in a storage shed to put all that stuff, it is essential to devise strategies that will allow you to make the most of every square inch. You can make your shed seem like it has more room than it really does by installing shelves along the walls. This will allow you to use more space, which will free up space on the floor.

Pay attention to construction

To construct shelves that are robust, cut plywood to the appropriate dimensions to meet the surface area. Make the shelves deeper or build shelves that go all the way to the ceiling so that you can store more things.

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3. Remove the Furniture

A lot of people use their sheds as temporary furniture storage while moving or renovating. And, after a while, the old furniture just stays there, forgotten, making nothing but clutter. If that’s the case with you too, make sure to remove the furniture from that tiny space as soon as possible. The antique furniture that you don’t use at the moment will only be ruined in your shed while you are working. A good thing is to consider hiring furniture movers that will handle the heavy lifting and move your old sofa to better storage space.

4. Use Hanging Jar Organizers

Small bits of hardware such as nails, screws, tacks, and bolts are essential components of any tool shed. Yet, it is easy for these objects to go misplaced in the shuffle and occasionally fall to the ground, where they may be easily crushed underfoot. Installing a hanging jar system will help to keep them in place while keeping them out of the way. You can use any jar that has a lid that screws on. To put together this method, first put your smaller items inside each jar. Then, connect the jar lids to the undersides of your shelves. To get access to the nails and screws, you will need to unscrew the jar and gently lower it.

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5. Hang the Hose and Cords 

Having a headache because of all of the tangled wires and hoses that are taking up room on the floor is the last thing you need when you are contemplating how to organize a shed. It will be much easier for you to maintain a high level of organization if you hang hooks, use shelving units, or even use PVC tubing to store and arrange your wires and hoses.

The most important thing for you to do right now is to check that the hook you have is properly attached to the wall of your shed. You can purchase hooks and hoses at your neighborhood hardware shop for as little as $5 to $10 per.

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6. Make a Caddy out of an Old Paint Bucket

After you paint your shed, you can put your paint bucket to good use. The utilization of a paint bucket as a storage caddy is a straightforward and cost-effective suggestion for organizing a shed. For instance, you might take a galvanized paint bucket and convert it into a caddie for your garden hose. Simply make a few holes in the base of the bucket using a drill, and then attach the bucket to the wall using screws. The next step is to place goods such as paint brushes inside the bucket once you have wrapped a hose around it.

7. Don’t Forget the Potential of Exterior

It is important not to overlook the rear of the doors and the outer walls of a shed. They are two of the most underutilized storage areas! Hooks hung on the doors will help you keep track of the smaller tools that you use most often. In this manner, all you have to do to go to what you need most is—to open the door. Mount the hanging storage on an external wall so that it may accommodate more substantial gardening implements like shovels and rakes. For bonus points, make sure that the exterior is organized in a stylish way. That way, this suggestion for organizing the storage shed will be a smashing success.

…And Many More Shed Storage Ideas for an Organized Space

Besides these golden seven, you can use many more shed organization ideas to freshen up and organize your shed. For example:

  1. Find a magnetic bar for tools
  2. Keep chemicals isolated in storage boxes
  3. Use your garden hood for tools

And there are so many more! Don’t be afraid to get creative and play with these shed storage ideas for an organized space. Make your little work kingdom and enjoy it!

Make the inside of your shed as beautiful as the outside.

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