A shed is a simple structure that fulfills a complex need. These buildings are often though of as additional storage units, but they can be so much more. Our outdoor sheds for sale may be used as outdoor living spaces, recreational units or hobby rooms. They easily convert from a lawn and garden storage to a personal gym. Call us and we will help you find the pre-fabricated or customizable shed that fits the needs of your home or business.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds provide you with a safe place to keep those items that are either typically used outside or that you don’t need access to on a regular basis. Having storage outside of the home lets you keep your living space free of clutter. You can have room to park your car inside the garage when all of the tools and lawn equipment has a new place to call home.

Outdoor storage sheds are offered in multiple sizes. They can be simple, small sheds that are used only for outdoor necessities. Use these smaller sheds for barbecue gear, pet supplies or lawn maintenance. We even have outdoor sheds for sale that are solely for the purpose of keeping outdoor refuse, recycling and compost in one tidy location.

Larger storage sheds can be big enough to provide room for lawn tractors, bicycles, recreational equipment and much more. The sheds from our online shed builder can be simplistic or ornate, depending on what you desire most.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are useful for storing gardening and lawn maintenance equipment. They can be customized to coordinate with the exterior of your home or they can take on an entirely different appearance. You may wish to have a garden shed that is a neutral tan or an earth-friendly green. The color, trim and any extras are all up to you.

Garden sheds can be ordered as small as 6 x 8 or as large as 14 x 40. Sheds are offered in nine different styles, including carriage, dormer and quaker. Garden Manor and Garden Cottage styles include an additional overhang and front porch with enough room for an outdoor rocking chair.

You may wish to add a prefabricated greenhouse when purchasing a garden shed. The greenhouse provides you with a safe, easy and convenient way to raise seedlings, start trees and prepare potted plants.

Elite Sheds

Elite sheds are high quality, beautifully constructed structures that are useful for any purpose you desire. We offer four types of elite sheds: Garden A-Frame, Garden Hywall, Garden Carriage and Manor.

The elite garden sheds have the outward appearance of a small home while giving you the functionality of a storage shed. They come standard with large overhangs, a 10 pitch roof, 8′ high sidewalls and decorative trim. You can choose between painted wood siding or vinyl siding in your favorite color. You can customize any of these sheds to have a higher pitch roof, octagon windows, stone veneer and even a chicken coop or trellis. The interior of this shed has smart finish wood flooring and optional shelving.

The Manor Elite can be used for storage, but is often a utilized as an outside living space. This elite shed can double as a playhouse for the kids and an outdoor retreat for you.

Call us today to discuss these sheds in further detail. We are happy to answer any questions and provide you with a detailed quote.